Skyrim is never just peaceful, is it?

Chronicles of Fafnir, the Guildmaster

The guild is not doing well. I spent the last week during my wait for Huster attending to things and training to my new Lt, Jaris. He is not taking well to the job and I may need to kill him. As most of my men are out on business, I cannot afford to end his life. I will give him one more chance to correct his mistakes or he will face me in the arena. We all know how that will end.

Now, due to Jaris’ incompetence, I have a price on my head and the Thieve’s guild was nearly alerted to his attempts to spy on them against my wishes. He is very bad with numbers, as we made no profit over the last week. I have informed him of the situation and he has assured me he will improve. He has better, as his life depends on it.

On the fourth day of Huster’s absence, two strange messengers arrived at the door. A smallish Holy man of Talos and a eerie priestess of Meridia. They were sent with a letter from the skooma den from the Dog I appointed as its master, which gave me pause. When I read that the pig claimed I owed him money, my tempered was barely reigned in. Luckily, I have a King’s blood running through my veins and I can see a plot when it runs before my eyes.

These two? Sent to deliver a message from a skooma den? Not in a hundred years would he truly believe I would pay him. He would expect that I would descend upon him like a Daedric Prince with my wrath in tow. So, this was a trap, for certain.

Rolled a 3+3=6:
Guarding: 17 of my men were unavailable during the 6 day wait for Huster.
Trade: Unsure
Divine Inspiration:

Rolled a 3+3=6:
Trade: Unsure
Assassination: The Black Brotherhood has a price on my head
Spying: Fera was sent out to spy on the Thieve’s guild, against my wishes.



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