Skyrim is never just peaceful, is it?

Chronicles of Fafnir, the Almighty

Session 4/28

We were drawn into the City of Sanguine, Daedra Prince. He tried to take my bard, but I convinced him that he can have him as a champion, but he cannot control his Fate until I am the King. At that point I agreed to release the bard from my service. We then drank to seal the deal, my bard received an Axe shaped violin that will make him even more useful to my cause.

We then left this party city and returned to the Keep to question the General, Gaernar. The deal is:

1) No more than 4 troops may assemble at one time in the Whiterun area.
2) No reprisals for the attacks that have happened thus far by imperials.
3) The imperials will not build within the areas the map.
4) This keep will become ours.

Any deviation from these demands will be met with pain and death.

Fortifications have been completed.

Coin is used for Communication with other coins.
Cup is blessed by Kennerith.

Guarding: Powerful favor from General Gaernar.
Trade: 1900 coins

The Druid joined the campaign.

Killed a Bandit guard with a warning shot. /sigh



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