Level 2 Shaman

Strength: , +1
Dexterity: , +1
Constitution: , +1
Intelligence: , +1
Wisdom: , +1
Charisma: , +1

Damage d8
Armor 1
Hit points 23

Alignment Chaotic (Show everyone that I am familiar with death)
Race Human (Nord) (Can sacrifice a heart taken from a fallen creature to pay the blood cost of one of my abilities)


Class moves
*Summon Ancestor
*Aid of the Ancestor

Advanced Moves
*Funeral Mask (+1 Armour when worn)

*Ragged Bow (Near , 1w)
*Bundle of Arrows (3 ammo)
*Sling with 3 bullets of ammo
*Refined Troll Blood (heal 3d6 over time)
*Bag of Hearts (3 uses, 1w)


Flam comes from a long line of shamans dating back all the way to Ysgramor. Back then shamans were there at the right side of all military campaigns as they were there to help connect the men to their gods. Over time there role has faded into almost non existence and its become Flams goal to bring it back to its rightful place and he believes that Fafnir is the one he can trust to help make that come true. So far Flam has proved to the group he can be a valuable ally. They have since found out when he called to his ancestors that he is related to Talos and also has ancestors related to Fafnir further strengthening our ties. When the going gets tough it also dosnt help to know where some ancestral burial grounds are to lay low for awhile.


Skyrim is never just peaceful, is it? Kharg