Skyrim is never just peaceful, is it?

Chronicles of Fafnir, the Immortal

We began this session on the way to White Run, where we saw a large crowd gathering. When we investigated, we found that the Lair of the Great Bandit King Durnig was found. There was a great treasure (that was wrongfully confiscated by the Jarl) and amongst it were some letters from my Father to me! The Crier handed them over readily and we left to the Companion’s Hall to discuss it.

It happens that the letters talked about how the sword he wielded wouldn’t let him become the man he wanted to become, while it gave him everything he wanted. Or something like that. It made no sense until later.

We went to see the Jarl to get my Father’s things. When we met him, it took all my considerable strength not to kill him and just take his throne. What a pathetic little man. One day, I will take Dragon’s Reach from him and properly rule these people.

Pathetic little man.

Once I had informed him that I was here to take my Father’s things and his body, it was time to go claim them. I had to listen to him whine about me cleaning up the area and moving the war out of the area, and that was no small thing to endure. We were about to leave when one of the Jarl’s minions ran in and told us there was a fire in the lower areas of the Reach. We hastened along to find out what it was.

Turns out his Court Wizard can’t keep control of fire and the Jarl’s men were busily trying to put it out. A few more agonizing moments in the Jarl’s presence and we left with Father’s things. But not before some warnings from his Wizard.

Apparently, the writings were true. The Sword will grant the wielder’s greatest desire, while also bringing to him his worst nightmare. While I don’t believe a weapon can control a man’s destiny if he doesn’t want it, I must concede it gives me pause that my Father succumbed to it. Perhaps I will heed this Wizard’s advice. He can’t control his powers, but perhaps there is some wisdom in him still.

Huster was nearby, so I must also concede that when he is around, things happen in my favor in strange ways. It is good to have a wizard on my side, even if I can’t quite understand his ways. I do wish he would bathe, though. I will talk about it with him someday.

At the Companion Hall, the Companions were kind enough to allow me to honor my Father with a proper burial, with a high pyre and a solemn vigil. During the process, the Shaman talked to my Father’s spirit and revealed to me after that he had some unfinished business that he was never able to handle. He didn’t know what it was, but there was something. If I find out, I will make sure it is done. Count on that.

From here, we bought some things we needed and went off to kill some Giants. Now that Orthane has the soul stealing enchantment on it, we can fill these soul gems and get more enchantments that we will need to eventually take Whiterun from this wimp who rules it now. And then, begin the long climb to the Crown.

It was nightfall, which is prime Giant killing time. With the ancestor’s advice to avoid close range, we sprung our trap upon them. Brook charmed the mammoth and bade it charge them, when the Giant’s awoke unexpectedly. We charged the camp, and attacked the Giants. Within moments, both of the Giants and the Mammoth were dead and we had captured their souls. We took a Mammoth head for a trophy.

Huster fell off one of the Giant’s heads near the end of the Battle, which is still too much to understand for me. I will figure out what happened some day.

On our way back to the Keep, we took a wrong turn and ended up on the road with a group of 13 Skalens. They were all spellcasters and seemed much stronger than when we last met them. We let them walk by, but one of them seemed to know I was there. I sent Huster to follow them, as he seems to have a way to get places quickly and not be seen, even though he apparently won’t fight.

He left to follow them and we went back to the keep. We are waiting for him to return and let us know where they went, but it has been several days. I would send folks out to find him, but I don’t think anyone could. I signaled his return, but I haven’t seen him in days. We have continued on with our plans, but I fear the worst.

I will write again when I have time. I am off to Whiterun again on business.

Until then,

Fafnir, the Immortal.



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